Английский язык II курс 2 семес КОНТРОЛЬНАЯ РАБОТА МЭСИ Описание товара

Английский язык II курс 2 ....
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Подключение монетизации на youtube

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Английский язык II курс 2 семес КОНТРОЛЬНАЯ РАБОТА МЭСИ

I. Прочтите и переведите письмо Dear Sirs, Following the meeting than has taken place in Moscow between Mr Kozlov and Mr Brown, we now understand that we ready to deliver electric motors for the UK. In this connection we have prepared a list of our requirements enclosed herewith covering a total of motors for the total value of which we now place as a firm order on the following basic conditions: 1. Subject to detailed discussion of terms, you will grant us exclusivity on the UK market for Russian Electric Motors for a period to be determined in negotiations but to be not less than initially three years. II. Напишите ответы на следующие вопросы: 1. Why did the agent want the right of exclusivity for a minimum of 3 years initially? Почему агент хотел иметь право исключительности первоначально хотя бы на 3 года? The agent wished to have the right of exclusiveness at least to 3 years originally to stabilize the position in the British market. Агент хотел иметь право исключительности первоначально хотя бы на 3 года для того, чтобы стабилизировать свое положение на британском рынке. 2. Would the period of consignment be cut or extended in the future? What would it depend on? III. Напишите ответное письмо на английском языке, выразив свое мнение на условия фирмы. Dear sirs! In reply to your letter it would be desirable to tell, that we quite accept your conditions. We are ready to give to you the right of exclusiveness for the beginning for 3 years, the period of a cargo as arranges. It is unique, that it would be desirable to discuss and consider in the further is a payment of the order. It would be desirable to receive an advance share for confidence. As a whole, I think that ours сooperation will be favourably and pleasantly for both parties. III. Переведите письменно следующие предложения с английского на русский язык, подчеркнув формы глагола в Passive Voice. 1. The uncontrolled policy of the Central Bank of Russia, for instance, the money minireform which was carried out on Jule 25, 1993, and the lack of connections between various decisions demonstrated the weakness of the former bank on a macroeconomic level. There has appeared in Russia a whole galaxy of about 3000 so-called commercial banks. But many of them are not private institutions; they were simply established by old specialized banks and major state enterprises. IV. Прочтите и выпишите из текста предложения, в которых употребляются придаточные предложения; определите виды придаточных предложений; переведите письменно выписанные предложения. Adam Smith was born in 1723, and was a student at Glasgow University in Scotland from 1737 to 1740, when John Kay invented the flying shuttle (придаточное обстоятельственное). Between 1764 and 1766, Smith toured Europe as the tutor of the Duke of Buccleuch, the ancestor of the man who is still Britain`s largest private landowner (придаточное определительное). While in France Smith met Voltaire and was greatly influenced by a group of philosophers known as the physiocrats, who believed that governments should not interfere in the natural course of things (придаточное дополнительное). On his return from France, Adam Smith sat down to write his great book. The full title Adam Smith gave to his book was «An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations». It`s stated aim was to discover the causes of an increase in national wealth (i.e., what drives what we now know as economic growth).

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V. Прочтите и переведите текст на русский язык в письменной форме. Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) is one of the oldest higher educational establishments in Russia. The University was founded in 1932 (former Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics). Currently, more than 5000 students study on full-time, part-time and extramuros basic. MESI is an autonomous higher education institution under the authority of the Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Russian Federation; it is also chairing the Association of Higher Educational Establishment in Economics. MESI is the leading training University in the CIS in the fields of Economics, Statistics and Information Systems applied to Economics. In the field of economics, MESI rates third among Russian higher educational establishments. The University has five main institutes: Statistics and Econometrics, Information Technologies, Economics and Finance, Marketing and Law, Management. The students have a broad choice of fields of studies: • Economics

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